The Story of more Accolades to Troy McQuagges Inspirational Leadership

Troy McQuagge, the Chief Executive of USHealth Group, is known for inspirational leadership that not only helped the firm surpass its growth results but also helped the industry to be innovative.

Now, Troy McQuagge is the winner of One Planet Business Awards for the year 2016 for showcasing professional excellence. The Award is a top honoring program to find and recognize the best in each industry around the world.

One Planet accepts nominations from businesses, nonprofit groups, startup players, public companies, and more from around the world. McQuagge confirmed that he was elated with the top industrial recognition and confirmed that each employee of the USHealth Group contributed to the Award with their dedication and hard work.

He further continued that he wanted to dedicate the Award to the colleagues and confirmed that they could take the credit for it. McQuagge also said that the achievement is also displaying the firm’s commitment to providing affordable and world-class healthcare solutions to its large individual and family-based customers.

McQuagge pointed out that the company’s innovative coverage is addressing the growing healthcare needs of its customers accurately. Apart from recognizing industries, One Planet Awards also categorize different sections in the industry, such as executives, teams, marketing, PR, new products and services, and more, and offers awards to each section.

Mr. McQuagge began working with USHealth Group in the year 2010 and initially assigned to guide its captive wing, USHealth Advisors, to reinvent it to grab better business for the healthcare insurance provider.

Glassdoor revealed that Troy McQuagge gave additional training, better support services, and attractive compensation to make the advisors producing better results. It paid well, and the captive group generated significant sales under the supervision of McQuagge.

This helped him to be promoted to the Chief Executive of USHealth Group in the year 2014. He immediately put his attention towards profitability and growth of the business.

Under his leadership, USHealth Group is achieving the record sales and profits for the last three financial years, by beating the numbers. Troy McQuagge has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare insurance, especially in insurance sales – he started his career as a sales agent.

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