Mike Baur Quits High Profile Banking Job to Mentor Aspiring Entrepreneurs

One day Mike Baur woke up and decided to leave his golden banking career. After having spent close to twenty years on the Swiss banking scene wherein he worked with reputable institutions the likes of UBS and Credit Suisse, he decided to do something else with his time and life. He took up a new pursuit which involved the creation of a conducive environment within which aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those keen on developing revolutionary startups, could be able to get all the nurturing, mentoring and financing they needed to actualize their dreams. Two years after leaving his day job, the acclaimed Swiss Startup Factory officially got born.


How to Apply for the Accelerator Program


Applicants are encouraged to submit their startup proposals which then get subjected to intense scrutiny by the staff working together with Mark Baur at Swiss Startup Factory. Provided the project meets their strict rules and conditions, then the applicants get a once-in—lifetime opportunity to move into the well-equipped premises set up by the former banker and his core investments partners. Lucky candidates only need to part with small amounts to pay for the Wifi and conferencing facilities at the large office space the company owns in the city. It is worth noting how the little cash you spend to book a space here ought to come back to you with tons of interest.


Assured Positive Progress


Startup entrepreneurs know very well the value of finding the right connections. Without a strong, reliable and vastly skilled team behind your back, your efforts are as good as spittle in the sand. In other words, your attempt to code, test, launch and monetize the startup idea you have will never amount to much if you fail to consult with all-round business mavericks the likes of Mike Baur.


Fintech Fusion


Mike Baur has set up a surreal investing climate wherein, you, as the developer, don’t even need to know how to balance your cash books or worry about not being compliant with the legal laws appertaining to your innovations. That’s because, with them, as your partner, you have a standby accountant, risk consultant and startup attorney right by your side. Mike also chairs the board of yet another innovation accelerator enterprise known as Fintech Fusion.


About Mike Baur


Mike’s a wealthy, young Swiss tech-prenuer behind the successful startup accelerator firm, Swiss Startup Factory. The Factory got founded in 2014 by Mike and his business partners and close friends, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Mike is a regular guest speaker at international entrepreneur forums and television station like the the Wall St. Journal.


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