Madison Street Capital Providing Excellence In Private Equity And Debt Financing

Madison Street Capital acted as the primary financial advisor for their client ARES Security Corporation. This role involved the arrangement of a minority equity and subordinated debt. The Vienna-based ARES Security Corporation is a security risk management firm that is leading in the provision of comprehensive security software solutions in the United States. Reginald McGaugh, senior managing director at Madison Street, said that Madison Street was honored to work directly with Ares security shareholder and president Ben Eazzetta to provide the investment. Madison Street Capital reputation when it comes to offering financial services is unmatched.


ARES Security was grateful on their hand for the dedicated support Madison Street had offered throughout 2016. They expressed their impression at the entire transaction saying that Madison Street displayed diligence and excellent valuation analysis. Madison Street is a company that is renowned across the globe. It is a notable organization that specializes in the provision of equities for organizations and individuals. Madison Street is also reputed for its firm belief in improving the community. They are known for their affiliation with philanthropic organizations such as United Ways Funds. This is an organization that is focused on handling general disasters in the Greater New Orleans area.


Some of the core values at Madison Street is fostering strong business relationships within the communities in the United States. Madison Street is a company that has an unparalleled dedication to the needs of the clients. This commitment alongside their philanthropic endeavors makes Madison Street a company that continues to make a notable difference in both local and global communities.


Madison Street Capital is a corporation that has spent over ten years honing their skills in private equity and debt financing investments. Over this time, the company has garnered exceptional expertise and experience in the private equity and debt financing investments sector. Madison Street Capital is an organization that has been involved with industries that include technology, oil and energy, media, telecom, construction and agriculture just to mention a few. This middle-market investing firm has its headquarters in Illinois.


With its seasoned professionals, the company understands the uniqueness of each of their clients. This knowledge, complemented by the company’s excellent analysis and informed recommendations propels the success of Madison Street. Madison is worth considering especially for business owners seeking acquisitions, favorable lending, selling a business, building a solid exit plan or advice on matters of corporate management.



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    The flexibility of the company’s services is another factor that contributes to its outstanding performance. They brag of an outstanding track record in helping clients from a broad range of sectors. There has been an abundance of what has been able to say with regards to all of this and it makes sense to me that everything is working for their best interest which is not that easy.