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Dr. Andrew Mangaro is a cardiovascular surgeon. He is the chief medical officer and founder of Life Line Screening, a firm that specializes in offering preventive and treatment therapy on cardiovascular diseases. Manganaro has a multidisciplinary background including biology, medicine, philosophy, and cardiovascular physiology. He is an alumnus of several higher education institutions including New York University, UCLA, and the University of Rochester. His experience as a cardiovascular surgery practitioner spans over three decades before joining Life Line Screening where he serves up to date and read full article.


Life Line Screening specializes in the delivery of health screening services including ultrasound screening, finger-stick blood screenings, and limited electrocardiograph among other health screening procedures. Life Line Screening mission is to equip people with health knowledge to help them pursue fuller, healthier lives by providing reliable, cheap preventive screening services. The company vision is to facilitate community’s collaboration with doctors to help in early diagnosis of health problems as an effective strategy to improve life quality and combat epidemiological diseases and learn more about Lifeline Screen.


Dr. Andrew Manganaro traces back the inspiration to set up Life Line Screening to his experience with catastrophic cases as a cardiovascular surgeon. He felt that such catastrophic cases preventative approach through screening would avert such complications. Manganaro’s role at the company encompasses maintenance of quality assurance across the firm, oversight of the whole clinical department, supervision of the many reading physicians certified by the board, and monitoring of the company’s research campaigns. His hard work and collaboration with high-performance team underscore Life Line Screening leadership position in the cardiovascular healthcare industry. Manganaro further emphasizes his appreciation of the development of preventive technology in the fight against diseases. The success of his company further requires human resource input in the form of hard work and persistence. Manganaro also emphasizes the importance of evaluation and reevaluation of failure to learn what doesn’t work in a particular situation. He further stresses the importance of keeping in touch with scholarly literature for knowledge on current and new information. He also underscores the importance of scholarly publications and research in improving Life Line Screening efficiency and successes in serving its clients and Lifeline Screening’s lacrosse camp.

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