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Mr. Jose Henrique Borghi is the founder of his Brazilian advertising agency, Mullen Lowe Agency. Borghi graduated from Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (PUC) where he obtained a degree in advertising and business management. Under the influence of her sister, Borghi became much interested in his dream career of owning an advertising agency; her sister made him attend the Castri Neves Theatre on the presentation of the awards to the participants. The event made Jose’s mind to open up and decided to follow his career seriously.

Borghi had that vision that he is going to make it in life, and right after school he immediately started building his foundation bit by bit. He began his career in an advertising agency named Standart Ogivily in 1989. Jose Borghi kept his ambitions alive that one time he will own his agency. Jose’s life wasn’t a walk in the park; he had to struggle hard to make his life a success. This vision made him strong, pre-assuming that he has realized his dreams and he knew there is a lot of pain and perseverance involved in the process of wanting a better life and read full article.

In conclusion, Jose Borghi is a successful man now, his agency that he established its harvesting fruits of success, each and every season of the year leaving the clients satisfied and wanting to come back because of quality work. His company has been accredited by many institutions of great repute globally. Recently Lowe group and Mullen Lowe Agency have merged to offer quality and better services to customers. The newly merged Ad agency is named Mullen Lowe Brasil.

Dedication, commitment, and passion are the best values one must have to lead a peaceful and fruitful life. Jose Borghi proved that it doesn’t matter how broke you are or you are in what class of the society, what is important is how bad you want to be successful. Take courage go after it and learn more visit Borghi.

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