Hussain Sajwani is Behind the Success of Damac Properties, a Powerful Real Estate Giant Based in Dubai

Damac is a brainchild of the respected real estate investor known as Hussain Sajwani. He also acts as the chair of this developer of luxurious real estate properties. He has earned global recognition due to his business acumen and ability to build flourishing companies across a wide range of sectors. Sajwani quenched his thirst for higher education at the University of Washington after completing a degree in economics.


The Damac owner led other investors to the expansion of Dubai’s property market. Back in the mid-1990s, he committed millions of dollars to the hospitality sector and built many hotels to address the accommodation needs of both small-scale and large-scale investor who were relocating to Dubai to trade and establish businesses. In 2002, he discovered that the luxury real estate sector was a bit underserved. He decided to unveil Damac to fill that gap. Under Sajwani’s remarkable leadership, the firm has become one of the Middle East’s biggest privately owned companies in the property development sector. Hussain Sajwani serves in the post of chairperson in many other firms headquartered in the Middle East.


Hussain Sajwani is ready to strengthen his business relationship with Donald Trump


Real estate mogul Hussain Sajwani is seeking to boost his business relations with one of President Trump’s leading real estate company, the Trump Organization. The two investors have partnered in financing the designing and development of the Trump International Golf Club, which has promoted the upsurge in sales of villas. Trump announced that he would not engage in any personal business transactions while in office. However, Hussain Sajwani family has promised to work with Trump’s children: Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric.


What are the accomplishments of Damac Properties?


Damac has made many impeccable achievements. Its residential and commercial projects based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have scooped many high-profile accolades. Damac Hills, headquartered in Dubai, is one of the top golf centers across the globe. Damac has a couple of investments in the hospitality arena. The firm owns and runs the Damac Resorts and Hotels, which consists of restaurants, hotel apartment, and luxury services villas.


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