Fabletics Takes the Online Retail Business to a Whole New Level

Fabletics is one of the top online retail businesses of the last few years. They are a unique brand and high quality athletic wear. The Fabletics brand is a perfect combination of online retailer, inexpensive membership, and high quality athletic wear.


The high quality of the Fabletics company is the highlight of the business. Their athletic wear comes in materials that are also used to create the top grade athletic wear of today. They chose to sell it for far less though, by manufacturing the clothing as inexpensively as possible.


Fabletics company sells leggings, shirts, sweaters, capris, bras, shorts, water bottles, yoga mats, headbands, gym bags, socks, and briefs. All of their products are made of the same strong and durable materials. The workout gear is also beautifully designed. They mastered the art of unique ways to create athletic wear when forming their clothing.


The membership and subscription based Fabletics company allows consumers to by inexpensive outfits. The Fabletics VIP membership costs $49.95 a month for a full outfit. The outfits cost about a $100 for a full outfit if you purchased them without a membership. You may shop from the Fabletics company as a guest. It is a far better plan in the long run to get a membership.


At any time during a VIP membership, customers may cancel their membership. They are also permitted to a skip a month if they do not want to purchase an outfit. When you choose to skip a month this will stop a $49.95 charge to be made on your credit card.


Don Ressler, Adam Goldenbery, and Kate Hudson are the founders of the Fabletics brand. They work hard to create the best products for customers. They want customers to always be satisfied with their shopping experience. In 2015 they introduced some brick and mortar stores to allow customers to try on the products and then create a membership for themselves while shopping in the stores. They have added athleisure dresses and swim wear as well to their athletic wear.  This is certainly a modern day company to check out if you have a taste for athleisure outfits or athletic wear looks.



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