Eric Lefkofsky Helps Cancer Patients Since His Own Personal Experience

Close to 40% of adults in the United States are faced with some sort of cancer diagnosis at some point during their lives. This affect can be either for themselves or someone they know. This is a terrible diagnosis to encounter and according to the National Cancer Institute, there are nearly 14.5 million people in the United States which are living with cancer since 2014. By the year 2024, the estimate is close to be near 19 million people in the United States. There are companies out there that are helping make changes in how the people in the United States live with cancer. Thanks to companies like Tempus, people are looking to having a brighter future while living with cancer and learn more about Eric.

In today’s technology, digital health records are helping patients and doctors work easier together to create a health plan that is right for them. The speed of modern technology is making things easier for everyone including doctors and health care providers.

Eric Lefkofsky has unfortunately had his own run in with a cancer diagnosis. His wife experienced her own bout with cancer when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. When this happened, Eric knew he had to do something to make things easier for her as well as her doctors. He learned then about how much of a gap there was in the medical field when it came to doctors and their records. He knew he would create something that would ease the burden for all involved.

This is where Tempus fell into place. The ultimate goal was to transform how the cancer was being treated and how doctors were able to keep in touch with one another without picking up an actual phone and waiting for someone to return a call. Tempus worked together to ensure that software was developed to help doctors make better informed decisions for patients care and more information click here.

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who has worked with various companies to build a better technology world. He was born and raised in Michigan and is the son to a teacher and an engineer. He has jewish roots and has a brother and sister. He graduated with honors from the University of Michigan in 1991. He continued on to Michigan Law School and earned his Juris Doctor back in 1993 and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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