Dick DeVos Philanthropy Prioritizes Education Reforms

Over the last couple of years, Dick and Betsy DeVos political donations have been criticized. However, the amount they have donated to politics is insignificant given that they have so far donated over $ 139 million. This criticism became more pronounced when Betsy DeVos was nominated the education secretary by President Trump. The couple has been giving significantly towards Republican Party and school choices. Amid these critics, the couple decided to shed light on all their philanthropy.


2015 saw the couple spend $11.6 million in philanthropy, a figure that doubles their contributions of the previous five years. Being born from a family that has donated significantly to the Republican Party, the family was ranked number 24 on Forbes list of top American philanthropists. According to Forbes, the extended DeVos family has donated over $1.33 billion, which is a quarter of their $5.2 billion wealth.


Priority Areas


The DeVos has prioritized education. In 2015, the family donated $ 3 million to education and an additional $ 375,000 to groups supporting education reforms. This amount totals around 29percent of their donation. DeVos believes that the current school system doesn’t fulfil the American dream and, therefore, the family donates significantly to education to ensure that kids from wrong ZIP codes access American dream.


Arts and culture take the second position after education with a total of 21 percent. The DeVoses believes that art management is essential for a diverse future. Leadership and development, civic, community, churches and health and human services are other sectors that have benefited from DeVos funding.


Although it is evident that the family is devoted to bettering the education system, there are a lot of critics. The opponents argue that the DeVoses voucher and charter school drain off tax from traditional schools.


About Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is a Michigan-born American entrepreneur. Dick has worked in various executive positions at the NBA’s Orlando Magic, Amway, and The Windquest. Currently, DeVos serves as the president of The Windquest. He graduated from Northwood University with a bachelor of business administration. DeVos is richly endowed with skills in public speaking, leadership and strategic planning.



While he was the president of Amway, he was responsible for running all aspects of the company’s operations in 50 countries across several continents. During his tenure, the company reached new markets and achieved a record milestone of $ 4.5 billion in sales. DeVos is also involved in several charitable causes. Education initiatives are his priority. He has awarded more than 4,000 scholarships to disadvantaged children. He has also donated considerable amounts of money to the Michigan health sector.

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