Contributions of Avaaz in Making the World a Better Place for Human Beings

Avaaz is an organization which was established in 2007 with the primary aim of advocating for global activism. The organization is in the frontline in championing for climate change, conflict and animal rights among other issues. Some of the international organizations have seconded the contributions of Avaaz in promoting activism. Ricken Patel is serving as the executive director of the firm. He is the founder and of the firm.His leadership in the organization has enabled it makes a lot of productive changes in various countries.He well educated has gained experience in various fields.

The members of the organization have been contributing the funds which are used for operations since 2009.Initially, the organization was being run by donations from various groups and individuals. The operations of the organization in different parts of the world are run by a team of over 30 experts. Email is the main media of communication by the staff but leveraging the campaigns is achieved through videos and advertisements. The organization receives legal advice from renowned experts who are specialized in campaigns.Other techniques that are used by the organization in campaigns include sit-ins and phone-ins.The techniques have enabled the institution to achieve their objectives. Flickr Photos.

The campaign members come up with the methods which are deemed suitable for the campaigns. The methods are emailed to over 1000 Avaaz members in various parts of the world. Avaaz is motivated by the need to improve the world to a state which is suitable and peaceful for every human being. The organization ensures that everybody can air their grievances. The organization has led many countries to see changes such as recognition of human rights and eradication of global warming.It is recognized for its promotion of activism with the aim of improving the standard of living and conservation of the environment.the contributions are essential for healthy living.

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