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Success Means The Long term Approach Must Be Taken By The Traveling Vineyard’s President

16 years ago, Rick Libby hit upon an idea he had been kicking around for a number of years as the first tentative steps were taken in the creation of The Traveling Vineyard. At the time, Rick Libby was already a well-known wine and business executive who was working with a catalog based wine company… Continue Reading →


Do you want to hear a most interesting and true fact? I thought that you might, and who doesn’t these days? Here is a bit of something for you to check out: “At IAP, we take great pride in our ability to come up with unique solutions to challenging scenarios. This is why we actively… Continue Reading →

Nationwide Title Clearing Makes It Easy For People To Access Property Reports Online

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has made it easy for people to access property reports through online ordering. This is in response to calls made by the populace concerning title defects. In recent years, title defects have become a major cause of concern within the real estate market. Some people feel that it is the reason… Continue Reading →