Betsy DeVos Championing For Educational Rights Through Altruistic Initiatives

Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ DeVos is the incumbent eleventh secretary of education in the United States. She is a prominent philanthropist, activist, fundraiser and astute business woman. Betsy is widely known for her numerous charitable ventures towards championing the educational rights of the children in the country. She has also made a mark from her humanitarian community exploits that seek to better the life of the average American Citizen.


Betsy’s interest in the educational sector was piqued by her mother’s time as a public school teacher. As her children got to the school going age, she got to experience the strain that most parents go through when trying to access quality education for their children. The education system was structured to accommodate students who came from the ‘right side of the tracks.’

Betsy DeVos has been advocating for the education policy for over thirty years. She has stood out as a vocal representation of the struggling students and parents in the country. Betsy actively served as an in-school mentor in Michigan for 15 years. She was particularly devoted to catering to the needs of risk children. She has also served for six years in the Michigan Republican Party in the capacity of a chairman.

Betsy DeVos attended Calvin College where she attained a Bachelors of Arts Degree. During the course of her education, she was involved actively in the campus politics which also served as the beginning of her life in politics. She then set out to serve as the chairman of a versatile company that dealt with innovative solutions in terms of manufacturing, technology, and aspects of clean energy called Windquest Group Enterprise. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Philanthropic Ventures

In a recent interview with the Philanthropist Roundtable, Betsy went in-depth to reveal her philanthropic escapades, particularly in the education sector. She has had an extensive track record with the educational track programs. Her endgame was to be able to identify innovative and practical solutions to the mundane social challenges.

The progress that the project has had since its inception has been a great ray of hope for the educational reform initiatives. Michigan, Florida Indiana and Louisiana have been instrumental in inspiring the success of the private school voucher program. Regardless of the fact that the initiative took off as a Republican supported venture, it has amassed significant popularity among members of the Democratic parties due to its immeasurable success. The program is now catering to 25000 students in 33 different public schools in the District of Columbia and 17 other states.

Betsy’s drive comes from the fact that safer and conducive learning environments have to be provided for each student equally. She has served on the board of two prominent charities which also advocate for the expansion of educational choice programs through tax credits and vouchers. Betsy DeVos anticipates that the growth and support for this initiative will increase its momentum for the betterment of the education system in the country.

Betsy DeVos also serves as the chairman of Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She reiterates that the ideal educational environment would be a situation where there would be no discrimination to those who come from different backgrounds when accessing educational opportunities. Check this article from New York Post

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