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Hussain Sajwani, a UAE National and Founder of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of DAMAC Properties. Sajwani has also served as a board member of several institutions such as JUNO Online based in New York City, Emirates Takaful Company located in Abu Dhabi, and the Majan University College situated in Muscat Oman.   Hussain Sajwani’s Career Background Hussain… Continue Reading →

Life Line Screening Transformational Change of Healthcare Delivery

Dr. Andrew Mangaro is a cardiovascular surgeon. He is the chief medical officer and founder of Life Line Screening, a firm that specializes in offering preventive and treatment therapy on cardiovascular diseases. Manganaro has a multidisciplinary background including biology, medicine, philosophy, and cardiovascular physiology. He is an alumnus of several higher education institutions including New… Continue Reading →

Dick DeVos Philanthropy Prioritizes Education Reforms

Over the last couple of years, Dick and Betsy DeVos political donations have been criticized. However, the amount they have donated to politics is insignificant given that they have so far donated over $ 139 million. This criticism became more pronounced when Betsy DeVos was nominated the education secretary by President Trump. The couple has… Continue Reading →

Copa Star Is Bringing A Brand New Meaning To Medical Treatment Facilities

This health center is unique as well as it sets itself apart from other healthcare establishments. Copa Star has a cutting edge modern technology that it offers to all of its clients. The Copa Star Facility is a certified solution, that makes it convenient and the building layout appears like a first-class resort. With 21… Continue Reading →

Betsy DeVos Championing For Educational Rights Through Altruistic Initiatives

Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ DeVos is the incumbent eleventh secretary of education in the United States. She is a prominent philanthropist, activist, fundraiser and astute business woman. Betsy is widely known for her numerous charitable ventures towards championing the educational rights of the children in the country. She has also made a mark from her humanitarian community… Continue Reading →

Embracing Individuality With Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

There are few businesses in any industry that can be viewed as so intrinsically linked with the image of their founder than that of Lime Crime and Doe Deere, the Russian born cosmetics entrepreneur who is looking to help others embrace their own inner confidence. Doe Deere has always felt as though she was something… Continue Reading →

Hussain Sajwani, CEO DAMAC

Hussain Sajwani is renowned in different areas of the globe. He holds other positions in various sectors of his DAMAC Company. He is the Chairman at DAMAC Properties Co. LLC. Others are Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. and Al Jazeira Services Co. SAOG. With the objective of specializing in the catering sector, it was in… Continue Reading →

Nine9 the Agency that Helps You Realize Your Dreams

When you want a flourishing career in modeling and acting, there is no need to be stressed. The Nine9 will is at your disposal and ready to help. The primary reason for its foundation is to assist actors and models that are not represented by agencies in the entertainment industry. When their journey began in… Continue Reading →

The Great Leadership at InnovaCare Health

How does a managed healthcare company become the number one managed healthcare provider in North America? It’s more than providing high-quality services; it’s the leadership operating the company. InnovaCare Health is the leading provider of managed healthcare because of brilliant leadership. Everyone at InnovaCare Health, from desk workers to CEO and Board Members, works toward… Continue Reading →