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Mike Baur Quits High Profile Banking Job to Mentor Aspiring Entrepreneurs

One day Mike Baur woke up and decided to leave his golden banking career. After having spent close to twenty years on the Swiss banking scene wherein he worked with reputable institutions the likes of UBS and Credit Suisse, he decided to do something else with his time and life. He took up a new… Continue Reading →

Beneful Dog Food Is Available at Your Local Walmart

The Purina Beneful line of dog food is a specially made product that ensures that a dog is in excellent health. The various types of Beneful are full of vitamins, real meats and vegetables that keep a growing dog strong. Dog owners can find products with lamb, beef, beans, barley and the like. Scientists put… Continue Reading →

Kim Dao in Akihabara, Japan

Kim Dao wants to show viewers how to spend $100 or less a day visiting Akihabara, Japan. Kim Dao and her friend decide to stay at a women’s only hotel, the Capsule. Upon entering, they remove their shoes and place them in a locker. Inside the locker are slippers for them to wear while they… Continue Reading →

The LRIS’s New Online Service

Finding the right attorney used to be difficult. But now, thanks to the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), New Yorkers have a have new, more convenient way to find an attorney. The LRIS has launched an online portal that individuals can use to be matched the local lawyers. Often, people need lawyers during times… Continue Reading →

How Well Does Wen Work?

Wen is one of the most popular hair care lines on the market, and has been endorsed by a number of celebrities. The products are made from flower extracts and essential oils, and are specially formulated to nourish and smooth the hair. WEN hair is also known for its cleansing conditioners, which are used in… Continue Reading →

The Resurgence of Kabbalah

Anyone who has been following either American politics or Hollywood news will have noticed a peculiar commonality – the constant referencing of what is known as The Kabbalah. World renowned celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears and Madonna have all helped to raise awareness towards the study of Kabbalah through their public statements and… Continue Reading →